Located 550 m above sea level, the domain includes ten hectares of orchards, on limestone soils, surrounded by a natural area of ​​20 hectares in moors and forests, thus offering a preserved environment, ideal for the production of good fruit. quality. Out of conviction and for the sake of sustainable development, we have chosen to work according to organic farming methods. 

The olive tree is our main production, our orchards include trees several hundred years old whose variety "Tanche" produces the famous olive and olive oil AOP Nyons. 

The orange of Provence is the variety of apricot that we cultivate. It is a tree well adapted to our terroir that produces a sweet and fragrant fruit, but today it is abandoned in favor of more modern and profitable varieties . 

You can discover and taste our range of products at our shop: olive, Nyons PDO olive oil, tapenade, olive confit, apricot nectar, linden from the Baronnies ..... 

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